Dear Kronicle Supporters,

Sadly, we’ve decided to cease publishing Kronicle.

This has nothing to do with the health of backcountry snowboarding, or even print publications in general, but reflects a refocused effort on snowboarding in our core product, Backcountry Magazine.

As a small independent publisher, we have the flexibility to take on any project we want without worrying about what the suits might say. For us, Kronicle meant providing content exclusively about backcountry snowboarding. When we launched in 2011, no one in the industry provided adequate content on the subject, not even Backcountry. It’s a niche of a niche, we were told. They were right. And, as a small indie pub, we are, well, small. Too often getting Kronicle out the door meant not getting out the door ourselves.

Kronicle brought a lot into focus for us, for the industry, and hopefully, for you. One thing we know is, more than ever, backcountry skiing and snowboarding is a lot less about the tool and a lot more about the place you’re in and the people you’re with. And so, as Kronicle ends, it’s a chance for us to bring more meaningful, one plank content back into Backcountry.

I want to thank you for your support. I think we’ve had a meaningful impact on the history of the sport.

CURRENT SUBSCRIBERS: For a refund of your subscription please email or call 802.644.6606. Otherwise, enjoy the Backcountry Gear Guide, which has the only test results on next year’s backcountry snowboarding gear in the industry. If you like what you see, you’ll continue to get Backcountry for the whole season. If you don’t, simply call or email Holly to cancel at any time this season and we’ll cut you a check.

Thanks for the fantastic ride and be safe out there!


Adam Howard
Height of Land Publications