K2 Kwicker – new splitboard system



More to come on this, but here’s the official press release from K2:

SEATTLE, Wash. – After two years of development, K2 Snowboarding is stoked to reveal their latest push deeper into the backcountry with the Kwicker® Splitboarding System. This fully integrated system (board, boot, and binding) is the lightest and fastest out there and is poised to change the sport of splitboarding with huge leaps forward in weight reduction, transition speed, and overall user-friendly mechanics.

Based on a new evolution of the Clicker binding interface, the proven board hardware of the Voilé system, and leveraging boot function and fit technologies like Boa®Conda and Endo Construction, Kwicker® takes the best of snowboarding innovation and pushes splitboarding into a new era of performance.

“K2 has always been about innovation. At the same time our roots are firmly planted in backcountry riding,” said Hunter Waldron, K2 Snowboarding’s Global Marketing Manager. “As this category gains momentum for us and the industry as a whole, we wanted to not only keep our foot on the gas pedal with our existing Backside tool offerings and Panoramic splitboards, but punch it even harder. We’re not only bringing a lighter, faster system to the core split rider, but also growing the sport with a system that is super simple to use.”

A key design philosophy of the system is to keep things simple and ultra durable.  When it comes to the board hardware, K2 looked no further than Voilé for their proven function and durability of their products. Partnering with Voilé and designing the Kwicker® BC Binding to work with the puck system is the dream team combination that makes Kwicker® work.

“As the originator of the most popular splitboarding hardware, Voilé is proud to be partnering with K2 on their truly innovative Kwicker® system,” said David Grissom, Voilé’s Marketing Manager. “Built on the Voilé splitboard hardware platform, the Kwicker® binding and boot set-up is a giant leap for backcountry splitboarding.”

Check out Kwicker® at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market show at K2 booth #36113 and Voilé booth #30027E. At the SnowSports Industries America show hit K2 at booth #3957 and Voilé at booth #1773.

To follow all K2 news and find out more about the Kwicker® video launch after the New Year, check out: www.k2snowboarding.com.


  1. Cole Donelson · December 24, 2012

    Really k2 ??? Your new innovation is clicker bindings ?  You spent two years coming up with a technology that died of natural causes a decade ago ? These didn’t work all that well in a resort setting, I can’t imagine how poorly they’ll perform in the backcountry.

  2. A Bond · December 24, 2012

    Wow, can’t believe K2 would try to destroy their reputation a second time.  The original clickers were awful to use and poor quality.  Mine terminally failed on a run with some nasty consequences.  K2 wouldn’t do a thing about it; thankfully the store was good enough to take what was left of the bindings back at their own cost.

  3. Dimitris Melas · December 24, 2012

    if only they were directly linked to the board without the interface it would make some sense… but this??? what are u thinking? :-(

  4. Mike Hermann · December 24, 2012

    folks, I’ve been using Clicker since the mid 90s and I still love it!….the key is using K2′s top of the line boot, which was the Ace….I still find these on Ebay and I was ridin my clickers this morning at our local hill…..love being able to ‘click in’ on the lift and just get off and go!….then the other side of this is backcountry….I have a clicker set-up on my splitboard and it’s awesome…..not a whole lot different than what they are showing here as ‘new’, except that before, you had to mount old bindings to a metal plate that slides on the Voile puck system which I’m sure adds more weight….but for ease of transition and simplicity, this system should be awesome…..I just hope these new boots are as good as the Ace of old which had an external highback that was totally adjustable and the ‘over the ankle’ ratchet strap was also a great adjustment…..looks like the new boot not only has the Boa lace up but also that ‘over the ankle’ Boa tightener adjustment…..I’m excited for this as long as the boots are up to previous high standards.

  5. Kevin Mullie · December 24

    I’ve been running the old clicker system on my Voile split for the last 8-9 years. It is the lightest system out there! Great in pow too! I’ll try the new clicker for sure!

  6. Ken Koch · December 24

    K2…Thanks for bringing Clickers back. I know, I know, I’m sure you
    guys are going to show that this is better than the old clicker system,
    and it probably has some new merit, which will be great, but they look
    very similar in overall scope. Totally agree with both the Hermann and
    Mullie posts. The key to using the clicker system is to get the top of
    the line stuff. I’ve been using Clickers for 10 years now, board Black
    runs probably 60-70% of the day (yes, I actually enjoy boarding on
    bumps…), and have NEVER popped out. Good quality gear = Good results.
    And yes, I was FINALLY able to acquire a pair of K2 Aces a couple years
    ago, and lemme tell ‘ya, they really are the best boots out there for
    clickers. The Skylords are good as well, but the biofit boot that comes
    with the Ace is hard to beat. A Boa system would be a good improvement
    however (hint hint K2…). Anyone who knocks the clicker system is just
    jealous of those of us who ride right off the lift, and just wish that
    they had the balls to go old school with a good clicker system. Oh, the
    kids who give me crap for not being a “serious snowboarder” for using
    clickers…are the ones who FINALLY make it down the hill AFTER I’ve
    been sitting there for a while. LOL.