Seth Lightcap

Seth Lightcap signs on as Kronicle Magazine photo editor

Seth Lightcap Fairweather Dream Spines Photo

Photo by Seth Lightcap

Kronicle, a first-of-its-kind magazine dedicated to backcountry snowboarding, announces the addition of photographer Seth Lightcap to the team. Lightcap will serve as Kronicle’s photo editor, and he looks forward to launching the new publication this fall.

“Freeride and backcountry snowboarding have taken a backseat to freestyle for way too long in the mainstream media,” said Lightcap. “Working with the first snowboarding magazine dedicated to the bliss of ripping natural terrain will be both an honor and a call to action—Kronicle needs to fulfill the stoke many snowboarders have been missing.”

Lightcap turned onto photography trying to capture memories of his global adventures while in college. He honed his eye for an angle working with adventure sports magazines and newspapers based out of Lake Tahoe, California. These days he spends much of his time shooting in the Sierra backcountry come winter and on the singletrack in the summer. His stories and photos have appeared in snowboarding magazines from England to Japan, including nearly a dozen shred publications in the United States.

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