ETT: The Solar Snowboard

How are you preparing for the “End of the World?” Signal Snowboards laid up a solar-panel snowboard – the cells make up the topsheet – and there’s a built-in converter between bindings that’s wired to produce power. Brings whole new meaning to riders “charging it.”

ETT: I Love Boobies!

It’s Breast Cancer Prevention Month, so Signal Snowboards partnered with the Keep-a-Breast Foundation to build a board that will raise breast cancer awareness. Pretty awesome project.

Signal Presents: Reel Snowboarding

Welcome to Season 3 of Signal Snowboards wacky shred series. According to Signal, “This episode without a doubt will lure you in and make you smile as we tackle our first build of the season combining Abel fly reels and Signal snowboards for the ultimate…

Every Third Thursday: Bush Secret Stash Snowboard

You might know the Band “Bush” for classic songs like “Glycerin.” Well now you know them because they collaborated with Signal Snowboards on a promo deck for Bush and Clear Channel alternative radio 98.7fm. Can Gavin Rossdale shred? That’s another question entirely, watch his interview…

ETT: The Survivor Splitboard

The best shred series on the web brings us one of its raddest creations yet: The Survivor Splitboard. Start a fire, saw a log, dig a snowcave … and shred. This shred stick literally does it all. So friggan awesome.

A Board for All Occasions

We wait by the inbox for the monthly release of Signal Snowboards “Every Third Thursday” series. This episode might just be the coolest one yet—imagine, a board you can surf waves and snow on. It lives thanks to the creative folks over at Signal.